Physical, Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing


Welcome to the website of Healer and Therapist, Dan Sainsbury. Dan has a remarkable talent to find and remove the cause of psychological and emotional conditions, which leaves you feeling liberated, healed and expansive at the deepest levels.

Dan has healed many people with a range of physical, emotional & psychological issues and takes immense joy in helping people return to their natural authentic state of lightness, joy and power. Whether you have anxiety, trauma, stress, bereavement, depression or any combination therein Dan can help and do so in a quick timeframe. There is relief right round the corner.

"Really great from Dan Sainsbury. I did a session with him this week that went above and beyond my expectations. He helped me feel my way through a difficult situation I had to deal with this week and even better, he's actually helped me to find my own voice. Very cool guy. I am really looking forward to the next session. I feel tremendously more comfortable in my own skin"  Michelle

Dan also wirtes about his findings and techniques at

Do enjoy the website ~ and feel free to get into contact with question you may have.

Dan can be contacted on tel. 077239 25056 or